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Buildability and sustainability are at the core of our assessments:

Eco Select provide Energy Ratings for apartments, new homes and extensions, Alternative Solutions to the six star energy rating requirements, Sustainable Solutions for existing homes and pre-purchase Sustainability Audits for Mandatory Disclosure. All assessment conducted are in accordance with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

NatHERS Energy Ratings for new home, apartments and extensions:

We use FirstRate5  software to conduct the energy rating for six star regulatory compliance and beyond to meet the needs of the Client’s brief for sustainability. The energy rating software is a valuable tool that Eco Select uses to support designers in achieving optimal design solutions and naturally comfortable homes. Alternative solutions are proposed where the Six Star Energy Rating requirement is not practicable. This provides significant opportunities for Designers and their Clients when renovating and extending older homes.


ESD Reports including BESS & STORM Assessments:

The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) assesses energy and water efficiency, thermal comfort, and overall environmental sustainability performance of your new building or alteration. The assessments assist builders and developers to demonstrate that they meet sustainability information requirements as part of a planning permit applications. BESS assessments now replace STEPS assessments. The Melbourne water STORM  calculator is used to determine the impact of the proposed design on storm water run off. The BESS & STORM assessments form the basis of the Environmentally Sensitive Design (ESD) report.

Home Sustainability Assessments - sustainable solutions for existing homes:

Home audit inspection is conducted of the existing property and then the house is assessed using BERS Pro software to quantitatively evaluate options and provide sustainable solutions to meet the Client’s brief. Each option demonstrates the improvement in the performance of the home. The options are detailed in a written report, allowing the Client to make informed choices about the implementation of the sustainable solutions.

Pre- Purchase Sustainability Audits / Mandatory Disclosure:

Eco Select assesses the existing conditions of the home and determines the Energy Rating performance for the projected heating and cooling loads. A detailed report is provided showing the current energy rating, and new opportunities for improvements to maximise the sustainability and energy efficiency of the home. Clients are able to make an informed decision about the performance and potential of the home prior to purchase.